Tourist visa to Russia

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How to draw up a tourist visa to Russia

A tourist visa allows a foreign guest to visit the Russian Federation up to 30 days. To obtain a tourist visa, you must obtain a tourist voucher from a Russian tour operator.
Tourist visa - Single entry
It allows you to cross the border in one direction - to enter and exit, only once for the entire period. The term of stay in the Russian Federation is up to 30 days.
Tourist Visa – Double entry
It allows for the entire period of stay once to leave the territory of Russia and return back to the end of the validity of the documents leave the state completely. The term of stay in the Russian Federation is up to 30 days.

Get an invitation to Russia

To get a tourist visa, like any other for a trip to Russia, you need to draw up an invitation for entry into the country.

The invitation for entry into the country is called a tourist voucher. It should be noted that the cost of the voucher depends on the period of stay, the multiplicity of the visa and the travel pattern.

Tourist invitation consists of two parts

1. A travel voucher contains information: passport details of a tourist, travel dates, cities of visitations and hotels.
2. A confirmation from the tour operator as per the readiness to accept a foreign tourist. We will help you get such an invitation.

List of documents for tourist visa processing

To make it convenient for you, we have prepared a list of documents that you will need after receiving a travel voucher.
Voucher (tourist invitation)
Filled visa application form
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2 photos 3x4
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